Marriage Pressure

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After a morning jog, I read this news in a Tamil daily while having tea on the road side. I took the pages of the daily along with me. This is the English brief of the Tamil print.

Kavitha (female, 27) committed suicide by hanging out of the frustration and unfulfilled expectations  because she was not able to get married for a long time.

Dinathanthi News

Courtesy : Dinathanthi (Tamil Daily) dated 12-April-2011.

Download Pdf – Courtesy : Dinathanthi (Tamil Daily) dated 12-April-2011.

This news dominated my mind which resulted in this post.  We cannot trace what happened inside Kavitha’s mind before killing herself, but we can relate this to our knowledge with the present social setup we have in India. In India Marriage is considered as a mandatory certificate to mark the completeness of a females life. If someone is crossing the marriageable age and not getting the right partner, they are under a severe social pressure. The pain is more cruel to females than males. “ Still Not Married ”  is the cruel tag everyone spits on the girl when she is crossing or already crossed the nonsense “ Marriageable Age” bench-marked by our tradition.

In India there are women who really want to get married but not able to make it because of multiple reasons. The reason can be anything. It could be money because dowry is an essential component of the Indian marriage market, could be caste in a closed traditional system, could be she didn’t met the match of her expectations. The reason can be multiple but the fact to be discussed is how the society treats these women who had already crossed the conventional age of marriage. The pressure starts within the family from parents and elders who generally feel a burden imposed by the society to have an unmarried daughter. And they don’t hesitate to transfer the pressure on the already frustrated girl with their words and behavior. The words from relatives will add more fuel to the fire. Generally this situation is exploited by relatives who are waiting for a chance to criticize the entire family. In some cases this will be the leisure topic for the neighbors, they make all the blame on the family or the girl for not getting married. In the case of working women the stress comes from colleagues too. The “ Still Not Married ”  tag is often used in Indian offices to destroy the self confidence of professionally successful women. The crooked critique need not be a chauvinist male colleague, it could be another jealous female not able to digest the success of a fellow female.  And when ever the girls place is visited by the boys family, she has to dress-up like a doll and sit in front of everyone answering all sort of queries. If the visit is not positive the pain is for the girl. If more and more families come and see the girl she will be under a higher degree of mental torture. All these makes everyday life of the girl a tough one, Her self confidence goes down. Sometimes it affects the thought process and takes her to a mental depression. This is where people like Kavitha end their life. Although its not their mistake in not getting married, they feel inferior, loose their own personality and often fear to face the society. I don’t feel Kavitha killed herself, its the society which killed her with its stone age rules.

On the other side there are women who feel they themselves are not ready to marry, they may want to marry after reaching their own milestones in education or profession, or they don’t want to get married in the conventional way. The cruel society doesn’t leaves them too. It still fries them with all its backwardness.  People never mind whether the girl wants to marry or not, they simply ask stupid questions like  Still Not Married?When is your Marriage?I think all your batch mates are Married?. Even in this century the success of a professionally shining Indian girl is measured by her alienation towards the conventional marital life. The stress they face is nothing less when compared to the one Kavitha has faced. It requires lot of courage and patience to face the marriage pressure, as the  pressure comes from the loved ones in the family. Now a days women often use their profession to go on for a lengthy overseas trip just to escape from marriage pressure. At least the IT professional have this escaping tunnel, but the rest of them have to live inside the pressure cooker.

These days the marriage pressure is experienced by the Indian male as-well. Guys raised with progressive and modern thoughts don’t want to jump in to the traditional and artificial marriage market. They are subjected to same kind of pressure women are experiencing for centuries.

In a society where natural meeting of male and female is void, and dating is a bad word, thus exists a culture of artificial arranged marriages, Its has to be the individuals decision to choose the time of his/her marriage. It should not be driven by social pressure.

The next time if you meet someone single…..Please don’t ask  When is your Marriage?


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Tickets, Only for the Rich

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An angry fan in Mumbai.

An angry fan in Mumbai. But if you are rich, you can get into Wankhede stadium. In black the price of ticket went from Rs 90,000 to Rs 1,20,000 for India-Lanka finals.

Now its almost the whole of India is on a celebration…. A world cup victory which will be cherished by every Indian cricket worshipers for a long time in their memories. There are already thousands of writings on the blogs about this victory, about every match and ball by ball analysis are out there. This post is not on the same line. This is all about the fan behavior on the stands in the matches hosted in India and the money greedy attitude of BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India).

As a fan I watched almost all the matches, even the matches played between the so called cricket minnow’s. I noticed a wide difference in the fan behavior between the matches played in India and the matches played at the other hosts Bangladesh and Srilanka. In the last two decades Indian galleries were known for vibrant celebrations, gang performances, rhythmic claps, Posters with mid-blowing writing, drums and pipes, sky rocking whistles and in places like Eden Gardens fireworks by fans were not a surprise after the match. But in this world cup the crowd on the Indian gallery were bit lazy, almost sitting comfortably throughout the 100 overs and voices were heard only during 4’s & 6’s or on an opposition wicket. This is not the usual Indian gallery. Next to the Caribbean, Indian stands are known for unorthodox celebrations, something very opposite to England (The Lord’s culture, where people just clap and sit straight as if they are posing for a passport photograph).

On the other side it was terrific in Lanka & Bangladesh, Matches in Colombo were full of sound. Drums and pipes, Dance and fun filled the stands, The sinhalese chorus tracks were often sung, And there were so many posters with brainy and funny messages displayed towards the TV camera and the players. Dhaka was a surprise. Bangladesh hosting the Cricket World cup for the first time, the Bangla emotions were excellent, something similar to their brothers in West Bengal. Bangladeshi fans showed more facial’s than the srilankans. Almost one out of 10 fans in Dhaka will have a Green-Red facial to showcase the support for the Bangla tigers. Bangla drums were like thunders even in Television audio.

The Lankan delight (click on the picture to expand)

The Bangla Colours (click on the picture to expand)

But the Indian fans were exhibiting a shift towards the English culture were cricket is watched with an illusion filled gentle-decency with a colonial juice. This is a strange behavior from the same galleries which produced a rhythmic beat when the great Kapil Dev runs-up with his stylish bowling action, Remember the girl with a poster saying “Zaheer I love U” in the Ind-Pak test in Bangalore. A decade back drums will be tear your eardrum when Sachin-Sourav pair make a solid start. More & More we can list. But this world cup showed a different Indian fan inside the stadium.

There is a change in the fan behavior, but its not because of the viewer’s attitude, Its all because the economic class of people who can afford to get a place in the gallery has changed. Yes the 2011 World cup’s tickets in India were much much higher than the usual ODI’s. Its not the case in Srilanka and Bangladesh. In Chennai the Highest being Rs. 24000 and the lowest being Rs. 1000 which was limited to few thousand fans. Even the middle class can occupy only 20% of the stands, rest is for the Rich and the Bollywood celebrities/Politicians. This decreased the colour and sound of the Indian stands. Its a known fact that the common man on the Indian street or an youngster from a government college/school are known for their unorthodox celebrations in cinema halls and sports galleries, but these brand of people were left out with few cheaper tickets and they can not afford to buy tickets in tens-of-thousands of rupees. All they got was lathi charge from police when they tried to get one. The stands were filled with rich Indians, Movie stars and Politicians. The major part of stands were occupied by fair, neatly clad upper-sector of the Indian society with full blow makeup and sunglasses. They were almost Semi-NRI’s who cannot resonate the pulse of the cricket viewing tradition this land had shown over the years.

The Indian Show (click on the picture to expand)

I really don’t understand how plenty of Bollywood actors get tickets for all Important matches when the true cricket fan is left outside with only option of a television remote. It seems the BCCI’s VIP quota is much higher than any sports governing body. The actual fan can watch cricket only in television, But the celebrities who just want to associate themselves with the popular sport get an easy access to the stands. This is a negative culture created by the fully commercial IPL where every Bollywood actor feels a sense of proud to be linked with cricket. What a crazy country we are living in and what a crazy attitude the Bollywood has.

Police lathi charge fans ahead of India vs England game at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. (click on the picture to expand)

Price comparison between India and Srilanka.

Price comparison between India and Srilanka. (Click on the chart to expand)

BCCI can counter argue showing the massive population of cricket fans in India, But in any civilized society money should not be the tool to control the crowd. The real fact is BCCI is autonomous and not under the sports ministry. They control what ever they do. Since the British Raj the flavor of BCCI has not changed. Today BCCI is the worlds richest sports governing body. Imagine how it would be if the money earned by BCCI is routed to the government and used for the social development or at least for uplifting other sports. Its something every sports lover should start think about. Is there an end to this? Please flood the sports ministry with questions….

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Save Yaanaimalai

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Yaanaimalai, The single magnificent rock which will catch your eye and loose your jaws when you travel from Madurai on the NH45B(National Highways -India). YanaaiMalai means elephant hill in Tamil, the huge rock  resembles a sleeping elephant. This is one among the very few single rock structures of this kind.


Few months back the government of Tamilnadu passed orders to form a high level committee to study the possibility of creating a sculpture park from the one huge stone of Yaanaimalai.  And the government says it will create huge sculptures which will stand high and will give international acquittance to Tamilnadu and also promote tourism. Initially this move by the government may look like a plan to create something which will bring international focus to this place. But in reality the government pretends to be innocent. The government hides from the public the fact of Yaanaimalai is one big granite stone. The sculpture park is not for promoting tourism, its to promote the business of money greedy capitalist owning Quarries.

Quarriying of granite around Madurai has started in the 90’s, since then many small mountains have vanished like the Sarkarai Avulia Darga hill in Keelavazhavu near Melur and Muthupatti Jain hill. The Quarry gang never thinks about the environment or the geographical impact of destroying mountains, they just want money by selling rocks which belongs to people. The government always facilitates this. Yes its their government..A government for the capitalist and by the capitalist.

Yaanaimalai is 1.5 X 1 KM in dimension and 200M tall,  On a rough estimate ignoring the size of the rock under the soil the granite value may cross 25,000 crores of Rupees. This was the figure rumored around the near by villages in the past few months. Who’s money is this ?? .. who’s mountain is this ?.. It belongs to the people of this land and should not be stolen by the quarry gang.

Yaanaimalai is considered as a god by the villagers nearby. And there is a cave which is a significant place of worship for the Jains. Parts of the rock also has ancient Tamil Brahmi scripts and Tamil Vattalethu inscriptions. And as the climate of this region is tropical, destroying of this rock will increase the temperature of the region and also result in the water table affecting the agriculture. This mountain has all the qualities to be declared as a natural/national monument and preserved by the government. But it was the government’s plan to destroy it. Unfortunately Yaanaimalai does not have a temple for the Aryan god Ram, Otherwise the RSS gang would have jumped for the rescue of the mountain just like they did in saving the so called  ‘Ram Sethu‘ which is a mere illusion.

This Yaanaimalai resembles the world famous Uluru (Ayers Rock) of central Australia. Due the efforts of Australia Uluru is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and its preserved. But India is planning to blast and sell an exactly similar rock.

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

The people from the villages around the mountain protested against the move of the government. And a NGO named Society for Community Organization (SOCO) filed a legal case against the government. And Madurai bench of the Madras high court had recently ordered the government to stop its plan to create a sculpture park.

But the Quarry gang chasing the money will not drop their day dream, and the politicians who get bones from these capitalist may be waiting for a right situation to relaunch their plan of sculpture park. Its us the people of this land has to be very alert to save our mountain. We have to make a fearless fight to drove the theef’s who are planning to blast our mountain.

Till we fear for the lathi charge, Our belongings can never be saved….

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Avatar, Hollywood has taken a new Avatar.

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The story is set in 2154 in a far away planet of Pandora, where humans are trying to colonize the planet. The money greedy capitalist want the minerals from Pandora be extracted displacing the most dominant species of the planet called Navi. They hire humans to infiltrate the Navi villages for spying and to brainwash the Navi’s to leave their land with out battle. But when the Navi’s refuse to leave their land, the human colonists plans to kill all the Navi’s.

James Cameron’s this carving is exactly the same story happened and happening in our own planet Earth. James Cameron shows a group of humans pitted in a battle against a distant planet’s indigenous population. This is exactly the same reel revolved after Christopher Columbus landed in America in 1492. The European settlers wanted to displace the Native Americans (American Indian) to exploit the rich soil of the newly discovered land. They started killing them which resulted in the largest genocide in the history of mankind. Now the entire North America is a total white mans land, we can hardly see any native blood living there. The very thin population of the remaining native americans have been closed up inside human sanctuaries called Indian Reservations.

The story was same in Australia, where the British colonist were doing the racial killing to create todays Australia which is fully a white mans land. The Australian aborigines who were the indigenous people lost their land to the settlers. 

A Hunter from the Cherokee tribe of North American Indian.

A Navi Hunter from Avatar.

The Native Americans and Australian aborigines were victims of the genocide by the greedy European Imperialist, but James Cameron’s Navi’s are victims of an Inter-Planet Imperialism by humans. But James did a justice for the oppressed and the exploited by villainizing the capitalist who plans to loot the minerals from Pandora by killing the Navi’s. The movie ends up with a victory for indigenous Navi’s and the human colonists are send back to the earth. This is a suprising behaviour from Hollywood. The Hollywood was never seen in this tone before. In the lines of Mackenna’s Gold (1969), there were many movies which portrays the Native Americans as bad-guys and trying to justify the genocide on them. And in the recent past Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto made a genocide of history itself by projecting the wordings “A great civilization is not conquered from without untill it has destroyed itself from within” at the start of the movie. Apocalypto hurts the feelings of the remaining Native Americans living. And Mel Gibson has tried to be the advocate of the European Kings & Queens by saying Native Americans killed themselves.

Yes in this movie Hollywood is in a new Avatar. As a responsible American citizen James should project his movie to the Obama’s and ask them to stop killing innocent people in Iraq just for Oil.

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Wearing the `CHE`

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The photograph of Ernesto “CHE” Guevara is the most printed photograph of the 20th century and the most famous photograph of the modern times. And about the familiarity the numbers are almost close to Jesus Christ… Yes people who don’t know about Che would have seen it at least once in their life. The Image of Che remains as a strong symbol of revolutionary and progressive thoughts around the globe and ignites a fear to the Imperialist. This iconic photograph is printed in T-shirts, Bags, Towels, Caps, Watch dials, Ornaments … what else…Che is every where.


But do the people who wear Che really know his ideology?

The answer will be painful for all the Che followers, could be painful for Che himself.

When I was in high school, I was interested to wear a T-Shirt with Che printed in it, but some how I didn’t got the chance to get one. Few years later I saw a guy in my college who was wearing Che T-Shirt during a cricket match. Out of curiosity I asked him “You follow Che..?”  He replied “What..!!!”. After few exchanges I came to know that he doesn’t know who Che was. When I asked him “Why you brought this?” He said “The face in the T-shirt is nice”. Oh my boy Che is not a model.

I met another guy, a youth leader of a caste organization who believes that his caste is superior to all. I saw him wearing Che T-shirt. When I asked him “Your ideals are not matching with Che.’s !”,  “He asked when everyone is wearing why not me?”. I faced lot of people in the same lines.  Lot of similar such events drove me away from my boy hood dream of wearing a RED CHE T-shirt.

People who are Corrupt, Chauvinist, Womanizers, Fascist, Pan Brokers, Stock market gamblers and cowards …All wear Che. Today for majority of the world’s youth who are apolitical, Che is a man who lived and died to give poses for photographs meant to be printed in T-shirt. Yes people who don’t know about Che and who are living against his ideology are wearing Che, just like wearing a dress printed with Mickey mouse or Spiderman. People who know nothing about Che are misusing his image. This really huts people who understand the ideal Che lived for.

Che lived & died for you and me. He thought us how to resist Imperialism. He sowed the seeds for the unity of the third world. He helped the freedom struggle of more than one nation. He was fear less in exposing the super powers. He threw his ministership to carry on the fight against exploitation of all forms. He is not a Hollywood star to be decorated in your shirt & pant. And he is not a model to be painted in your dress with out giving respect for the cause he died.

Today Che has become a source of business. Business houses are painting Che’s image in what ever items they can to make money. In the internet plenty of companies are selling things printed with Che. The saddest part is Che is also sold by the American dress makers who take part in the US trade embargo on Cuba. They have made Che as a fashion icon. This is the ultimate and greatest joke of this century, English crown prince Harry was photographed wearing the Che’s image on a T-shirt in London in 2005. What a shame ??. The imperialist mob which fought against Che, who killed Che are today using his image. This is how the western Imperialist misinterpreted Che over the years. By slowly doing all these things they are trying to change the revolutionary icon in Che into a Simple-and-Void-Fashion-Icon or a modern art like monalisa.

If you wear Che, Please respect his ideals, learn the cause for which he fought bravely and died.

Guerrillero Heroico

Guerrillero Heroico

This famous photograph of Che was shot by a Cuban photographer named Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez Korda in 1960 in Havana, This became famous after Che’s death in 1967. He named the photograph as “Guerrillero Heroico” in Spanish means “Heroic Guerrilla fighter“. Alberto Korda never applied for royalty of the image, because he was a Marxist and did not wanted the commercialization of the image. He believed that his work will inspire the youth towards revolutionary thoughts. As his wish the image spread all over the word symbolizing Che as a ressitance against all forms of exploitation. But in the year 2000 a liquor company used his famous photograph to sell vodka. Alberto Korda sued the company and on an interview he said

To use the image of Che Guevara to sell vodka is a slur on his name and memory. He never drank himself, he was not a drunk, and drink should not be associated with his immortal memory…As a supporter of the ideals for which Che Guevara died, I am not averse to its reproduction by those who wish to propagate his memory and the cause of social justice throughout the world. “  – Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez Korda

Learn CHE, And then Wear CHE.

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Remains of the ‘May Day’

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May Day – the day of the working class. This first day of May is marked as a victory of the world proletariat in their fight for eight hour a day work system. This is what thought in history classes all over the world. Let’s see what May Day means in the land where the May Day Sun raised 125 years ago.

The history of May Day is very wide, Lets have shortened version before we dive into the Remains of the ‘May Day’.

In United States of America, an organization named Federation of Organized Trades and Labour Unions (a union of Labour unions) was pressing the American capitalist for 8 hours of wok a day. It was the time when working classes were forced to spend 10 to 16 hours of work a day all over world under miserable working conditions. In October 1884 the Federation of Organized Trades and Labour Unions unanimously set May 1, 1886, as the date by which the eight-hour work day would become a standard. And they started spreading this news to all Trade Unions in America and started to organize the proletariat to make it a reality. When the date came closer the working class of the America went on massive strikes. Tens and thousand of workers were on strike in New York, Chicago, Detroit and other industrialized American cities. The centre of the protest was in Chicago where more than 100,000 workers marched demanding eight-hour work a day.

Hay Market meeting pamphlet. (courtesy :

Hay Market meeting pamphlet, 1886. (courtesy :

On May 4, 1886 the protesting workers assembled in the Hay Market Square, in Chicago. Labour leaders were addressing the huge gathering. Towards the end of the meeting some miscreants who received bribe from the American capitalist threw bomb on the police to create unrest, and the police started firing at the gathered labours. Several labours were killed and one police man died in the bomb blast. There was a riot scene in Chicago. The police arrested eight labours as suspects and seven were sentenced to death and one for 15 years imprisonment. The arrested labours were hanged to death in November 11, 1887.

The May day trial portrayed the degree of justice in the capitalist American empire. In 1893 the Illinois governor accepted that the eight workers were innocent and never had hand in the bombing. He himself accepted that the judiciary had failed and he also signed a pardon for the remaining in the prison. He also said the bomb event was a plot of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, a private agency hired by the Chicago capitalist to crack down the labour unions.

A May day Rally.

Seven hanged, several killed and wounded, and 100,000 marched … All this to sow the seeds for 8-hour work a day. Long live their martyrdom.

That is history; you can ask why to raise those stories now?

The answer is… the American capitalist took enough efforts to erase all the evidences of May Day from the Chicago terrain so that it should not symbolize the working class unity in America and the world. Yes they succeeded in it. When the entire world celebrates the International Labour Day on May 1, the USA & Canada celebrates it on first Monday of September every year. Interesting fact is that the people in the land of the historic May Day protest don’t know the history behind it. The Europe, Asia and Latin America observes May 1 as the Labour Day to mark the victory of the working class against the capitalist to grab the right to work only eight hours a day, but the American public were never been thought what is the reason behind this.

The US government coined its own version of Labour day in 1887 and announced the Labour day will be celebrated in September, This is just an attempt to disassociate the Labour day from the radical left and organized trade unions. This was not accepted by the urban working class of those days who pressed for a May-1 Labour day, but still the federal government succeeded in it. This is a classic scientific evidence that how Americans capitalist avoided the working class unity for several decades.

Job Cuts

Job cuts are very common in the US. Yeah... Hire & Fire is a proud American Culture.

During the Great Depression of 1929 which lasted for almost a decade, millions of people lost jobs in all industrial nations. But the scene was different in different regions. In Europe and Asia the working class protested against their governments and business houses. But the American working classes were not doing the same. There was less organized protest in American cities when compared to the industrialized centers of Europe. In the 80’s and 90’s when most of the American manufacturing units were closed and shifted to the south east Asia for cheap labour, again thousand of a Americans lost their jobs. And they never rose against the money minded industrialists. Look at the recent history like the Dot-Com bubble (1998-2001) and the recent recession in 2008, millions of US citizens lost jobs, but no mass protest, No street marches. Things would have been very different if the same thing happens in the third world. And due to the globalization the Americans successfully exported this culture to other countries. For example the Indian IT industry fired thousands of employee’s in the name of global recession without a single protest from the affected. It seems when they outsourced the jobs, the Americans also sent this coward labour culture to India.

At the same time, in the same recession the Truck drivers in the France stud strong, the pilots of India won their battle against mass pink slips, The Indian farmers are fighting strongly against the SEZ. The working class of US has a lesson to be learned from the Truck drivers of France or from the Farmers of India.

Economic Recession and depression are the terms widely used instead of  “Failure of Capitalism. These terms Recession and Depression are invented by the US Capitalist to divert the anger of the common man towards the actual money greedy capitalist to some confusing calculations.

…The American capitalist learned the lessons from the May Day… but the American working class failed.

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India’s Pseudo Feminism

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Pseudo Feminism

Pseudo Feminism

….Indian Women flying fighter aircraft’s,
……Indian woman in NASA build space ships,
……..Indian women wining world beauty pageants,
……….Educated Indian females walking in the newly arrived multinational companies in western attire,
…………Doing brave journalism.

These are the celebrated marks by the newly blossomed English media in India to prove that women are free in this so called developing country. And some idiots claim that these are the results of globalizing the economy…. Hey Fools, My grand mother was a working woman in the British colonial India.

[This content is written out of PAIN by observing the majority of educated women of my generation who are dragging Indian society backward. Not for those who are still fighting to be progressive females….]

Tear the false screen portrayed by the globalized Indian media… You will feel the bitter truth.

One of my female friend who was good in her education, out performed boys, always portrayed herself as a feminist told me she got engaged to a guy who is working in the developed west. And she also said her father will pay 100 pound of gold as dowry, the interesting fact is she said all this with a smiling face.

Another friend of me told me that her fiance asked for 5 Lakh rupees (500000 INR) as dowry but then reduced to 4 Lakh after looking at her, because he liked her. (What a SHAME!) When I asked “Do you like him?” she said “very much”.

This is the story every where, majority of today’s so called educated women don’t resist a dowry based male chauvinist marriage process. And they are happy with it and not ready to fight against this. And these women always claim that “It’s not the bridegroom but their parents are demanding dowry, He is a nice guy…. “. Yeah…it’s a social comedy. They are very much happy in fooling themselves.

An ideal feminist should not accept a marriage where dowry is involved in any form (Money, Gold, House, Land, Vehicle, Material, etc). I’m yet to see a real feminist who’s a female in my circuit.

These upper class/caste Indians are comfortable with getting or giving dowry, but this affected the lower income families. Thousands of poor girls are not able get married even at 30+ just because their families cannot afford the burden of dowry. If educated women are not interested to fight for their own values and self respect, the world would laugh at men who are against a dowry based marriage.

It’s really painful and a National shame.

And when higher education is becoming very expensive in India and many aspirant poor girls don’t get opportunity to get to good universities, I have seen girls from the middle & higher income families prefer to be HOUSE WIFES ( combination of cook and baby machine) just because their husband are earning in dollar’s & Euros. And some of them are really proud to be a house wife’s in the US, Canada or any developed country just by trashing theirs valuable education in the marriage market. Today it’s a social pride for upper/middle class families to have their daughters married to a guy settled in any developed nation. And some girls go to higher studies just to get a NRI bridegroom. I think India is the only country where education is used for this purpose.

Its interesting to know what these modern NRI house wife’s do, They cook food referring recipe in the internet, They go to the near by supermarket to get groceries, wash clothes using washing machine, voice chat with their families back home, upload photos shot in front of liberty statue or London bridge in orkut/ facebook to show their folks, and well dress and showoff during local NRI community events. For all these things why do these women need a technical or masters degree? Please give this valuable education to aspiring poor girls who can really feel the value of it and use it for the benefit of their family and also for the society.

This is the reality of the majority of the educated middle and upper class women in India. If you say modern educated Indian women are making progressive stuff, it’s a joke. If you look at the family pattern of the lower income groups the number of house wife’s are lesser then the higher income group. The women from lower economic class work as agriculture labors, cooks, domestic servants, tailors, florist etc. Some of them are small entrepreneurs selling Idly, Dosa or milk in streets. I have seen poor uneducated girls fighting to come up in the male dominated world, resisting male chauvinism in every step they make…Kudos to them. They are real progressive females and fit to be called as feminist.

They never talk feminism, They live it.

Those educated pseudo feminist should start learning feminism and life from these true ones…

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