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Vishwa( america ) Roopam

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This write-up is not a movie review, It’s the anatomy of Vishwaroopam.  Please watch this film for sure, but watch it without being influenced by the hype.

The movie  is not filled with the usual masala found in Indian films, Thanks to the makers and investors.  Kamal Hassan’s acting is matchless. Padmasri Dr. Kamal Hassan has given a masala less proto type for Indian film makers to trend on for Action or Thriller movies. Bold Effort should be appreciated. Editing, Stunts, background score are world class.

Kamal Sir with the US flag

Kamal Sir with the US flag. In reality Vishwaroopam is an American Film in Indian language.

At the same time Padmasri Dr. Kamal Hassan is using this movie as a platform to gather International attention on him and there the logic is murdered. [To reduce the length of this article the word “Kamal Sir” will be used instead of the long phrase “Padmasri Dr. Kamal Hassan”]

Let’s Go…

What is the necessity for a RAW Agent to save New York!!
Ok ok… Kamal Sir, We understood … You need more & more NRI’s to watch your film.  US collection is very very important.  But being a RAW agent if Vishwanath saves our Delhi or Mumbai it could be logical.
Huh Ulaga Nayagan !!

Why the Government of India sends a RAW agent to rescue American prisoners in Afghanistan?
Ok..Ok.. No Questions. It’s just a film…Don’t look at logic.
[In exchange India can invite a CIA agent to rescue Indian prisoners in Pakistan]

This film goes very parallel with the popular American propaganda about the War on Terror, a very common stuff in Hollywood films. In one scene showing a NATO air strike in Afghanistan where an US soldier shoots a woman and then  feels guilty for it, and says “Shit”… (Yeah, the same Hollywood style SHIT). Kamal sir conveys that US soldiers will never shoot civilians; if it happens, it’s by mistake not by intention. Superb Kamal sir… By this one scene you’ve touched the hearts of the American ruling class, they will be really pleased.  Every time on media Kamal Sir portrays himself as an ardent reader of current affairs, it’s strange how he missed the other perspective of war on terror.  Anybody please send him the URL of Wiki Leaks.

The film shows the brutal regime of Taliban, Al-Qaeda.  But Justice would have been done to history if Kamal Sir touched the origin of the religious fundamentalism in Afghanistan and the role of CIA in funding the Afghan fundamentalist in the 80’s. Kamal Sir should read extensively on “Operation Cyclone”.

Vishwaroopam is Kamal’s resume to hunt opportunities in the West. He has done so much to please the American ruling class and probably a Hollywood/ Oscar lobbying.

Last but not Least, The Indian Prime minister directly calling the RAW agent Vis…  Ohhh Kamal Sir….Why Sir. This is almost an age old Captain.Vijaykanth fashioned scene.  People teased Captain for making such scenes, but as Kamal Sir’s scene is filled with English and as he himself is an intellectual the viewers are scared to make fun.

This article is presented with the same “Freedom of Expression” with which Kamal Sir was arguing in the media to lift the ban on his film.


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February 12, 2013 at 12:27 AM

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Avatar, Hollywood has taken a new Avatar.

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The story is set in 2154 in a far away planet of Pandora, where humans are trying to colonize the planet. The money greedy capitalist want the minerals from Pandora be extracted displacing the most dominant species of the planet called Navi. They hire humans to infiltrate the Navi villages for spying and to brainwash the Navi’s to leave their land with out battle. But when the Navi’s refuse to leave their land, the human colonists plans to kill all the Navi’s.

James Cameron’s this carving is exactly the same story happened and happening in our own planet Earth. James Cameron shows a group of humans pitted in a battle against a distant planet’s indigenous population. This is exactly the same reel revolved after Christopher Columbus landed in America in 1492. The European settlers wanted to displace the Native Americans (American Indian) to exploit the rich soil of the newly discovered land. They started killing them which resulted in the largest genocide in the history of mankind. Now the entire North America is a total white mans land, we can hardly see any native blood living there. The very thin population of the remaining native americans have been closed up inside human sanctuaries called Indian Reservations.

The story was same in Australia, where the British colonist were doing the racial killing to create todays Australia which is fully a white mans land. The Australian aborigines who were the indigenous people lost their land to the settlers. 

A Hunter from the Cherokee tribe of North American Indian.

A Navi Hunter from Avatar.

The Native Americans and Australian aborigines were victims of the genocide by the greedy European Imperialist, but James Cameron’s Navi’s are victims of an Inter-Planet Imperialism by humans. But James did a justice for the oppressed and the exploited by villainizing the capitalist who plans to loot the minerals from Pandora by killing the Navi’s. The movie ends up with a victory for indigenous Navi’s and the human colonists are send back to the earth. This is a suprising behaviour from Hollywood. The Hollywood was never seen in this tone before. In the lines of Mackenna’s Gold (1969), there were many movies which portrays the Native Americans as bad-guys and trying to justify the genocide on them. And in the recent past Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto made a genocide of history itself by projecting the wordings “A great civilization is not conquered from without untill it has destroyed itself from within” at the start of the movie. Apocalypto hurts the feelings of the remaining Native Americans living. And Mel Gibson has tried to be the advocate of the European Kings & Queens by saying Native Americans killed themselves.

Yes in this movie Hollywood is in a new Avatar. As a responsible American citizen James should project his movie to the Obama’s and ask them to stop killing innocent people in Iraq just for Oil.

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December 19, 2009 at 4:11 AM