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India’s Pseudo Feminism

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Pseudo Feminism

Pseudo Feminism

….Indian Women flying fighter aircraft’s,
……Indian woman in NASA build space ships,
……..Indian women wining world beauty pageants,
……….Educated Indian females walking in the newly arrived multinational companies in western attire,
…………Doing brave journalism.

These are the celebrated marks by the newly blossomed English media in India to prove that women are free in this so called developing country. And some idiots claim that these are the results of globalizing the economy…. Hey Fools, My grand mother was a working woman in the British colonial India.

[This content is written out of PAIN by observing the majority of educated women of my generation who are dragging Indian society backward. Not for those who are still fighting to be progressive females….]

Tear the false screen portrayed by the globalized Indian media… You will feel the bitter truth.

One of my female friend who was good in her education, out performed boys, always portrayed herself as a feminist told me she got engaged to a guy who is working in the developed west. And she also said her father will pay 100 pound of gold as dowry, the interesting fact is she said all this with a smiling face.

Another friend of me told me that her fiance asked for 5 Lakh rupees (500000 INR) as dowry but then reduced to 4 Lakh after looking at her, because he liked her. (What a SHAME!) When I asked “Do you like him?” she said “very much”.

This is the story every where, majority of today’s so called educated women don’t resist a dowry based male chauvinist marriage process. And they are happy with it and not ready to fight against this. And these women always claim that “It’s not the bridegroom but their parents are demanding dowry, He is a nice guy…. “. Yeah…it’s a social comedy. They are very much happy in fooling themselves.

An ideal feminist should not accept a marriage where dowry is involved in any form (Money, Gold, House, Land, Vehicle, Material, etc). I’m yet to see a real feminist who’s a female in my circuit.

These upper class/caste Indians are comfortable with getting or giving dowry, but this affected the lower income families. Thousands of poor girls are not able get married even at 30+ just because their families cannot afford the burden of dowry. If educated women are not interested to fight for their own values and self respect, the world would laugh at men who are against a dowry based marriage.

It’s really painful and a National shame.

And when higher education is becoming very expensive in India and many aspirant poor girls don’t get opportunity to get to good universities, I have seen girls from the middle & higher income families prefer to be HOUSE WIFES ( combination of cook and baby machine) just because their husband are earning in dollar’s & Euros. And some of them are really proud to be a house wife’s in the US, Canada or any developed country just by trashing theirs valuable education in the marriage market. Today it’s a social pride for upper/middle class families to have their daughters married to a guy settled in any developed nation. And some girls go to higher studies just to get a NRI bridegroom. I think India is the only country where education is used for this purpose.

Its interesting to know what these modern NRI house wife’s do, They cook food referring recipe in the internet, They go to the near by supermarket to get groceries, wash clothes using washing machine, voice chat with their families back home, upload photos shot in front of liberty statue or London bridge in orkut/ facebook to show their folks, and well dress and showoff during local NRI community events. For all these things why do these women need a technical or masters degree? Please give this valuable education to aspiring poor girls who can really feel the value of it and use it for the benefit of their family and also for the society.

This is the reality of the majority of the educated middle and upper class women in India. If you say modern educated Indian women are making progressive stuff, it’s a joke. If you look at the family pattern of the lower income groups the number of house wife’s are lesser then the higher income group. The women from lower economic class work as agriculture labors, cooks, domestic servants, tailors, florist etc. Some of them are small entrepreneurs selling Idly, Dosa or milk in streets. I have seen poor uneducated girls fighting to come up in the male dominated world, resisting male chauvinism in every step they make…Kudos to them. They are real progressive females and fit to be called as feminist.

They never talk feminism, They live it.

Those educated pseudo feminist should start learning feminism and life from these true ones…


Written by palindia

September 19, 2009 at 9:55 AM