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Just before the New Year, Cyclone Thane ravaged the coastal Tamilnadu and Pudhucherry. This is just a news for the majority, But a monstrous catastrophe for those who witnessed it.. This short write up is to illustrate the condition of the towns and villages Thane had kissed on that early hours of Friday, 30-December-2011 and the inability of the Indian government to bring back the infrastructure on a war-foot. This content is created by the information gathered from villagers in the Cuddalore-Pudhucherry belt.

The cruel wind started at around 3AM on 30-December-2011 and ceased almost at 9:30 AM. Trees were uprooted, Electric poles thrown out by the cyclone created panic among the masses. Only concrete buildings survived, Those who lived in Tiled houses and huts lost their roofs and ran out for shelters when the rain and the wind plundered their villages. This was not the only worst thing that happened. Thane was followed by the inability of the state to bring back the life and infrastructure back to normalcy.

There is no power in the affected regions as the electric poles and cables are out of service, As there is no power there is no drinking water. The affected regions depend on bore well water pumped up by electric motors. These people are living without power and water right from the Thane day. Power can be only restored when the new electric poles are erected and cables are connected. There is no government to do this immediately. People are forced to hire trucks to bring electric poles from near by Neyveli and other places by their own money. And even after bringing in the poles there is no body from the government to erect and wire it. Why not the government deploy the paramilitary to finish up this mammoth task? Why this villagers are spending their own money to recreate the infrastructure devastated ? Government can deploy diesel generators in every village for a temporary supply of water, But they still didn’t thought about this idea it seems.

Thousand of uprooted trees are on the road blocking food and medicines to reach the people. People are again forced to hire diesel generators and timber equipments at double the cost to clear the road. Where is the government here? There are some villages which lost 100% of its trees and they will not have shadow to rest in the coming summer. No news channel covered this.

All this are after a massive agricultural loss, which people have to live with it.

Who ever reads this post, Do something to pressurize the government…. if you can …..


Written by palindia

January 3, 2012 at 1:19 AM

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  1. Yes it is heartbreaking… just to add in pudhuvai a union territory which had started its revolving rescue operation to bring back the infrastructure in the state, where as in Kadalur it is still question mark of when and how they are gonna start.


    January 3, 2012 at 10:48 AM

  2. Mostly MLA and collector are concentrating in the town area’s. But in village side most of the people don’t have drinking water and shelter still now. Most of the high level government officer’s have not went to see how people’s are suffering in many village’s still now.

    Now many merchent’s are getting the agriculture product from the village people (Agriculture) for very lost cost and selling these product at high cost in other place’s( example they are getting coconut, vegetable at very low cost in these villages and sell this at high price in chennai. Because these people are unable to preserve this product for long timeand all are harvesting at a time). Now the government aim is to give electricity to living area, but for agriculture puprose it may take more than 2 months. So these affected area people are planing to harvest their product now itself and plan to sell it, but the merchent aim is to bid it for very low cost and sell it at high profit.

    In this situation also people’s getting profit from other’s suffering.


    January 6, 2012 at 10:27 PM

    • This is the brutal reality of this nation, Traders make use of this pathetic condition to reap more profit. Note down these traders and boycott them in the future.
      The government is useless for the people.


      January 7, 2012 at 1:14 AM

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