Occupy Wall Street : Just a Start…

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Unbelievable, but it’s true.  In the US there are protests against “ Corporate Greed  “.  The mass which considered Warren Buffett’s money making formula as a golden philosophy is protesting against social and economic inequalities. Strange, but it’s very very true.

The American working class has truly identified “Capitalism” as the source of all the problems they face. They are protesting at the ‘Wall Street’ which is the symbol of World Capitalism. It’s a good move indeed. This must be a welcome news for the working class in the rest of the world.  Everything started with the registering of the domain name (it is widely believed to be the work of Canadian anti-consumerist organization Adbusters Media Foundation), and the call for Occupy Wall Street was published, the rest is news.  The so-called super power has been witnessing massive job cuts, raising poverty level in the recent years. Today 1 in every 6 American lives in poverty.  And the government bailout of the corporate in the recent economic meltdown added fuel to the Occupy Wall Street campaign.

Yeah it’s a good start; But the American working class should not end this movement within the Wall Street. It seems the movement lacks accurate demands, there is no official list of demand and no formal leadership. The protesters should understand the fact that they cannot sail the wild sea without a destination.  You cannot change your economy without a clear demand on the table.  The Occupy Wall Street movement, which began a month ago in New York’s financial district, has now spread across the US and the Europe. The movement has no formal leadership structure and no singular demand. Instead, it has become a platform for individuals and nonprofit organizations in the US to demonstrate their frustration with the present political and economic system. This is how a society without a well formed left movement behaves. America lacks a left leadership to convert this public anger into a genuine revolution.

You cannot oppose ‘Corporate Greed’ without plucking out ‘Capitalism’. The Ronald Reagan Era made all Americans to memorize “Communism is evil” and “Free Enterprise is democracy”.  American civil society should understand the basic contradiction here, you cannot rise against the Wallstreet if you believe in and support Free Market Economy.   The survey by New York Magazine among the protesters shows the composition of the movement, 46% stated that they “believe in capitalism and feel capitalism is not fundamentally wrong, it just needs to be regulated.”  This is what the success of the cold war Era campaign by Regan administration.  The American working class is still struggling to find a solution or an alternative to capitalism.

In the last decade almost 42400 factories were shutdown in the US. The de-industrialization of America started in parallel with the globalization of economies in rest of the world. Thousands of factories have left the United States in the last ten years alone.  Millions and millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost in the same period.  The United States has become a nation which consumes everything and produces nothing. This is mere corporate greed. The high pegging of US dollar facilitates US companies to set up manufacturing hubs in Asia or Latin America to reap the benefits of low operative cost. They don’t have the mind to think about the axed blue collar American worker.

The Occupy Wall Street movement needs to frame a road map about how to bring back manufacturing to the US and to stop the outsourcing of IT/Service, and to restrict the import of cheap workforce into the US.  And in today’s context and in the scale of the globalized economy the US multinationals cannot afford production/ operation within the US, because they’ve already tasted the fruit of cheap resources at offshore. And the emerging economies are presenting them a market which is easy to sell the old wine in new bottle.

Global Distribution Of Military Expenditure – 2010 (Courtesy : Click to expand.

US spends more than any other nation for Military. There is no Soviet missile’s in Cuban shores these days and there is no immediate threat from neighbors, still the US pumps in more and more money into military. Americas defense spending is truly for its imperial interest. Since the end of World War II, all the wars fought by US or NATO were on a remote place from the US mainland. This is to find markets for its corporations or in the name of curbing communism fueled by the famous Domino theory. The American working class is paying a huge sum every year for all the imperialist war to benefit the corporations.

You cannot solve the present problems of American working class and poor along with having an economy  which is truly capitalistic in nature. There cannot be a change without hitting the American Imperialism.

It’s the time to throw capitalism and Imperialism into the trash.  This has to be done along with the working class of the world.

All the best for the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters, The world is with you… Long live revolution.

  Occupy Wall Street    Occupy Wall Street  Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street Protest (click on the picture to expand)


Written by palindia

October 19, 2011 at 2:19 AM

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  1. nice article.

    ganesh j

    October 19, 2011 at 3:05 PM

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