Save Yaanaimalai

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Yaanaimalai, The single magnificent rock which will catch your eye and loose your jaws when you travel from Madurai on the NH45B(National Highways -India). YanaaiMalai means elephant hill in Tamil, the huge rock  resembles a sleeping elephant. This is one among the very few single rock structures of this kind.


Few months back the government of Tamilnadu passed orders to form a high level committee to study the possibility of creating a sculpture park from the one huge stone of Yaanaimalai.  And the government says it will create huge sculptures which will stand high and will give international acquittance to Tamilnadu and also promote tourism. Initially this move by the government may look like a plan to create something which will bring international focus to this place. But in reality the government pretends to be innocent. The government hides from the public the fact of Yaanaimalai is one big granite stone. The sculpture park is not for promoting tourism, its to promote the business of money greedy capitalist owning Quarries.

Quarriying of granite around Madurai has started in the 90’s, since then many small mountains have vanished like the Sarkarai Avulia Darga hill in Keelavazhavu near Melur and Muthupatti Jain hill. The Quarry gang never thinks about the environment or the geographical impact of destroying mountains, they just want money by selling rocks which belongs to people. The government always facilitates this. Yes its their government..A government for the capitalist and by the capitalist.

Yaanaimalai is 1.5 X 1 KM in dimension and 200M tall,  On a rough estimate ignoring the size of the rock under the soil the granite value may cross 25,000 crores of Rupees. This was the figure rumored around the near by villages in the past few months. Who’s money is this ?? .. who’s mountain is this ?.. It belongs to the people of this land and should not be stolen by the quarry gang.

Yaanaimalai is considered as a god by the villagers nearby. And there is a cave which is a significant place of worship for the Jains. Parts of the rock also has ancient Tamil Brahmi scripts and Tamil Vattalethu inscriptions. And as the climate of this region is tropical, destroying of this rock will increase the temperature of the region and also result in the water table affecting the agriculture. This mountain has all the qualities to be declared as a natural/national monument and preserved by the government. But it was the government’s plan to destroy it. Unfortunately Yaanaimalai does not have a temple for the Aryan god Ram, Otherwise the RSS gang would have jumped for the rescue of the mountain just like they did in saving the so called  ‘Ram Sethu‘ which is a mere illusion.

This Yaanaimalai resembles the world famous Uluru (Ayers Rock) of central Australia. Due the efforts of Australia Uluru is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and its preserved. But India is planning to blast and sell an exactly similar rock.

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

The people from the villages around the mountain protested against the move of the government. And a NGO named Society for Community Organization (SOCO) filed a legal case against the government. And Madurai bench of the Madras high court had recently ordered the government to stop its plan to create a sculpture park.

But the Quarry gang chasing the money will not drop their day dream, and the politicians who get bones from these capitalist may be waiting for a right situation to relaunch their plan of sculpture park. Its us the people of this land has to be very alert to save our mountain. We have to make a fearless fight to drove the theef’s who are planning to blast our mountain.

Till we fear for the lathi charge, Our belongings can never be saved….


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March 13, 2010 at 3:51 AM

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  1. Shocking! In fact, one is running out expletives to term this greed. Much beyond calling names and being shocked, I wonder what can one do to reverse this wholesale of natural resources to corporate greed and recolonization!


    March 13, 2010 at 9:10 AM

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