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The photograph of Ernesto “CHE” Guevara is the most printed photograph of the 20th century and the most famous photograph of the modern times. And about the familiarity the numbers are almost close to Jesus Christ… Yes people who don’t know about Che would have seen it at least once in their life. The Image of Che remains as a strong symbol of revolutionary and progressive thoughts around the globe and ignites a fear to the Imperialist. This iconic photograph is printed in T-shirts, Bags, Towels, Caps, Watch dials, Ornaments … what else…Che is every where.


But do the people who wear Che really know his ideology?

The answer will be painful for all the Che followers, could be painful for Che himself.

When I was in high school, I was interested to wear a T-Shirt with Che printed in it, but some how I didn’t got the chance to get one. Few years later I saw a guy in my college who was wearing Che T-Shirt during a cricket match. Out of curiosity I asked him “You follow Che..?”  He replied “What..!!!”. After few exchanges I came to know that he doesn’t know who Che was. When I asked him “Why you brought this?” He said “The face in the T-shirt is nice”. Oh my boy Che is not a model.

I met another guy, a youth leader of a caste organization who believes that his caste is superior to all. I saw him wearing Che T-shirt. When I asked him “Your ideals are not matching with Che.’s !”,  “He asked when everyone is wearing why not me?”. I faced lot of people in the same lines.  Lot of similar such events drove me away from my boy hood dream of wearing a RED CHE T-shirt.

People who are Corrupt, Chauvinist, Womanizers, Fascist, Pan Brokers, Stock market gamblers and cowards …All wear Che. Today for majority of the world’s youth who are apolitical, Che is a man who lived and died to give poses for photographs meant to be printed in T-shirt. Yes people who don’t know about Che and who are living against his ideology are wearing Che, just like wearing a dress printed with Mickey mouse or Spiderman. People who know nothing about Che are misusing his image. This really huts people who understand the ideal Che lived for.

Che lived & died for you and me. He thought us how to resist Imperialism. He sowed the seeds for the unity of the third world. He helped the freedom struggle of more than one nation. He was fear less in exposing the super powers. He threw his ministership to carry on the fight against exploitation of all forms. He is not a Hollywood star to be decorated in your shirt & pant. And he is not a model to be painted in your dress with out giving respect for the cause he died.

Today Che has become a source of business. Business houses are painting Che’s image in what ever items they can to make money. In the internet plenty of companies are selling things printed with Che. The saddest part is Che is also sold by the American dress makers who take part in the US trade embargo on Cuba. They have made Che as a fashion icon. This is the ultimate and greatest joke of this century, English crown prince Harry was photographed wearing the Che’s image on a T-shirt in London in 2005. What a shame ??. The imperialist mob which fought against Che, who killed Che are today using his image. This is how the western Imperialist misinterpreted Che over the years. By slowly doing all these things they are trying to change the revolutionary icon in Che into a Simple-and-Void-Fashion-Icon or a modern art like monalisa.

If you wear Che, Please respect his ideals, learn the cause for which he fought bravely and died.

Guerrillero Heroico

Guerrillero Heroico

This famous photograph of Che was shot by a Cuban photographer named Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez Korda in 1960 in Havana, This became famous after Che’s death in 1967. He named the photograph as “Guerrillero Heroico” in Spanish means “Heroic Guerrilla fighter“. Alberto Korda never applied for royalty of the image, because he was a Marxist and did not wanted the commercialization of the image. He believed that his work will inspire the youth towards revolutionary thoughts. As his wish the image spread all over the word symbolizing Che as a ressitance against all forms of exploitation. But in the year 2000 a liquor company used his famous photograph to sell vodka. Alberto Korda sued the company and on an interview he said

To use the image of Che Guevara to sell vodka is a slur on his name and memory. He never drank himself, he was not a drunk, and drink should not be associated with his immortal memory…As a supporter of the ideals for which Che Guevara died, I am not averse to its reproduction by those who wish to propagate his memory and the cause of social justice throughout the world. “  – Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez Korda

Learn CHE, And then Wear CHE.


Written by palindia

October 9, 2009 at 9:11 AM

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  1. nice post man.


    October 9, 2009 at 11:30 AM

  2. This is in the same lines of Nehru’s statement.

    “Independent India will move towards the Socialism path ……….”


    October 9, 2009 at 2:48 PM

  3. True Pal…We all get upset when we see someone wearing Che T-Shirt without even knowing about him…The younger generation or teen kids doesn’t even know who he is….Money made out of everything now pal!!


    October 14, 2009 at 5:10 AM

  4. palindia

    June 13, 2011 at 12:11 AM

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